Concert Parking

The First Baptist Church parking lot will include five handicap spaces for each concert.

Parking at Colby-Sawyer College:

In order to cooperate with the policies of Colby-Sawyer College and to provide a convenient way for you to park safely and arrive at the theater conveniently, we will have Campus Safety Officers on site to help with parking.
*  Please enter the campus from Main Street at the roadway to the Hogan Sports Center.  Turn left before the Sports Center to enter the Quad. You will be permitted to drop off your passengers at the entrance to Sawyer Theater.  
*  Please note that only drivers with a handicap placard will be permitted to park on the Quad. All others will park in Lots E, D, B, C, F, or H. Guests may park in any spot on campus, even if marked for staff or commuter students. 
*  Please do not park on Seamans Road. This is extremely important as this causes major issues for the New London Police Department.  Parking is permitted on Main Street.
We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.
The Board of Summer Music Associates